Tammy Vanderstarren

Tammy Vanderstarren Denise Lester Dance Academy Pickering Faculty

Tammy is of course another little girl whose mom brought her to the Denise Lester Dance Academy when she was three not realizing what an impact that decision would make in Tammy’s life. Tammy’s ballet has always been flawless, her exam results always an honours and she was starred for a ballet scholarship every year from grade three and up. Mix this beautiful technical ability with her strength as an acro dancer and you get a beautiful teacher for any lucky student to emulate. Tammy teaches all of the Beginner and Junior Acro classes and has given many young dancers the technical base that they need to achieve the crowd pleasing tricks that Tammy is known for. She holds her qualifications in Ballet, Tap, Modern and Acro. Tammy has worked her way to her 5th year at York University by teaching for Denise Lester Dance Academy and many other Toronto area studios. She has performed for the Breast Cancer Foundation, the Toronto Zoo, Eluck Productions and for many Industrials. “I met most of my very close friends at dance class when I was a child and we continued to dance together until we went to University. Those are years that I will never forget. Now it is very cute when I watch my students making new friends in class.” Tammy says.