I first started this wonderful, sometimes frustrating adventure in the squash court of Airport Village in Saudi Arabia. I was twelve years old and as luck would have it a family arrived at our compound, the mother of who was a dance teacher. My first recital took place in the tennis courts wearing soccer uniforms ( Dance costumes not being of abundance). The song was "Born to be Alive". I was encouraged to further my dance trainin when i got back to Canada. Arriving back in Canada at thirteen i registered for a recreational program and after one year I as encouraged to seek more intense training at a dance studio. That is when I found Denise running a small studio above the Dunbarton Plaze. Unfortunately, there was no immediate space in the appropriate class for me but since Denise was building a new location in her home I just had to be patient for its completion. Of course, being the determined person that I am and having an instant rapport with Denise, I agreed to be part of a younger class.

So there I was and twenty-two years later here I still am. my first solo and the next year began the long line of performing groups at the studio, ours being the first and named "Divinity". Together we did a lot of performing around the Town of Pickering for various functions as well as at fashion shows, trade shows, and shopping malls in the Toronto area and even a few TV spots.  I Danced with the group at the CNE and the at Canada's Wonderland in the character show. At this point, having earned my Associate (teachers) certificate in Ballet, Tap, and Modern and being a permanent fixture at the studio, Denise asked me to Teach.  As Denise expanded and opened her current location I was asked to start choreographing competitive dancers. I also furthered my dance education by completing my Membership in Tap and Modern. Receiving highly commended in both.  Many great and creative years have passed since then with Denise always encouraging and allowing me artistic freedom in my choreography. Which is of great benefit to our dancers, teaching them tremendous versatility in their dance training.  Teaching the kids and watching them grow from babies to young adults is a wonderful experience. Reliving past events of my life and hoping to impact some wisdom on the kids, personally and professionally, is a privilege I take to heart. Saying goodbye as they go off into the great unknown is always difficult. The most important thing I preach to them is to always believe in themselves and never ever lose sight or give up on their dreams.  

I still perform in a small Vegas Revue and I am working at my singing skills as well. I am yet to give up on my dream. P.S To my wonderfully talented daughter, you have beautiful wings and I can't wait to watch you soar. You melt my heart.